An important reminder for any teenager of driving age is that driving is a privilege not a right.  You, as a parent, have a responsibility to teach your teens the various factors of safe driving. When they are first starting out, here are some great rules to have them follow.

Limit Passenger Distraction: Having too many passengers in the vehicle. This begs for disaster with the amount of distracted driving present. Some states even have laws about new drivers and passengers.

Limit Night Driving: Until your teen gets a good amount of driving experience in the day, limit how much they are on the road at night. Driving in darkness requires more skill, so until they are comfortable on the road, give them a driving curfew of sunset.

Limit Phone Use: Using the phone while driving whether texting or calling is a distraction.  It should be a firm rule for your teen driver. There is some amazing technology out there - both in-car and on their phone - that can help you monitor and control phone use when the vehicle is in motion. 

Driving Fatigued: Even for adults, it can be tempting to drive even when you are overly tired. For an inexperienced teen driver it is even more dangerous. Teach you teen about how to know when they are too tired to drive and what they should do if they find themselves in that situation.