What to Do in Case of a Collision


When driving on the open roadways, it's only one's hope that they will get from destination A to destination B safely without any issues. Being alert and using all your senses are very important for safe driving. Unfortunately, car crashes do happen so it's important to be prepared just in case. If you have a new teen driver it is important to go over the situation with them. What should they do if a collision happens? For a new driver, it might be easy to panic if they feel unprepared. Give them the confidence to handle a collision situation the right way. Here are some things to teach them:


1) First things first after a crash, immediately check for injuries. Call 911 if needed!


2) If the damage is minor from the crash, be sure to move the vehicle to the side of the road to avoid blocking oncoming traffic.


3) Always exchange information with the other driver!


4) Collect contact info from witnesses and passengers who were involved in the crash as well.


5) Take pictures of your vehicle from every angle from the crash along with other damage.


6) If possible, try to sketch the crash scene.


7) As soon as the police arrive, be sure to get police information.